WLA – A Great Way to Learn

Stephen Crane, WLA Member and Endorsed Reader reviews the course format offered here https://worldlenormandassociation.com/wla-courses

WLA: A Great Way to Learn

For anyone interested in deepening their understanding and practice of different card reading systems, I would highly encourage you to consider one of Toni’s Facebook courses. (Toni Puhle, Founder World Lenormand Association). Having taken Lenormand 101, 102 and just recently, Kipper 101, I only have great things to say of Toni, her content and methodology.

Kipper 101

However, a course is only as good as its teacher, and you can’t find a better one than Toni. She is not only a subject matter expert, but she is positive, enthusiastic and has high ethical standards (and ensures that all her students follow these standards as well!)

Now, you might think that learning through Facebook wouldn’t work – but, funny enough, it does.   Toni has a method to her madness. She lays out one practical application lesson per day, with each subsequent lesson building on the learnings of the one before. So, while you may start out very basic, by the end of the two weeks you are laying out some pretty complex spreads – and doing them surprisingly well!

The learning happens on a daily bases in special FB groups created for each course. Not only does Toni offer insights and suggestions to each individual posting (helping each person to up their game), but fellow students often join in and add their opinions and insights as well. In the end, each course is a dynamic learning environment – with some good humor and bantering added in as well.


Heads up. It does take some work. In these courses, you only get out what you put in. So, it is best to keep up with the lessons each day. That said, life does get in the way, so, if you can’t – the system allows you to quickly catch up. Finally, there is an exam at the end. You will need to demonstrate that you have successfully learned and integrated all the material and can apply it practically. While it may sound intimidating – it is not. Nothing with Toni is intimidating. She uses the exams to not only make sure you have understood and integrated the material, but makes sure the exams are another opportunity to teach you even more.

I confess, in the end, I am always a bit sad when a course ends.

So, if you want to learn or deepen your knowledge of any of the card reading systems WLA offers, you might want to think about taking one of Toni’s FB courses. You will gain a lot by engaging with her and others in a very positive way – and all this from comfort of your own home.

Author Bio: Stephen Crane

13267813_10154228311658970_5479530926001794663_n.jpgStephen Crane is a marketing consultant focused primarily on non-profit organizations in the US.  He spent over 30 years working for global pharmaceutical and advertising firms.  With a lifelong passion for Tarot, Stephen has recently ventured into Lenormand and Kipper. Stephen lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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