Course Review – Kipper 101

Course Review: WLA Kipper Course 101 by Lynn Boyle

The WLA Kipper Course 101 was conducted online over 10 days by Toni Puhle.

A special facebook group was set up by Toni for the posting of daily lessons, notes & exercises. These were then conducted in another specially created study group for all members to post their readings, interpretations & comments, & to ask questions & discuss pertinent matters.

Every day we had handouts or written notes to read then an exercise to do, based on the teachings of those notes. We started by doing daily readings for ourselves, posting photos of the spreads to the group & interpreting them. Toni would then make suggestions about alternate card meanings, card placement & interpretations, etc.

I found the course very educational, well planned & executed

All members were encouraged to ask questions to clarify information & to help each other with readings. As the course progressed, the spreads became more involved. Towards the end, we were partnered with reading buddies so we could do readings on each other & receive feedback from our buddy, which was very informative & helped greatly in the learning process.

I found the course very educational, well planned & executed. The Handouts / Notes were of high quality, concise, clear & easy to understand. Accompanying diagrams were also well labelled & pertinent to the exercise. Spreading the course out over 10 days did require a commitment to be online each day (or evening – depending on your time zone), reading the handouts & doing the exercises daily and did require discipline and focus but I don’t think that amount of information could be squeezed into a shorter course and having a course go for longer than 10 days would drag it out perhaps too much and interfere with peoples’ other commitments.

There was a certain amount of flexibility given to members who couldn’t start the course on Day 1 with the rest of us, or who had other commitments during the course; they were able to catch up with their lessons and with their reading buddies so no-one missed out.

So overall the 10 day course worked out well, culminating in an Assignment / Exam with questions to be answered about the Kipper system and readings to be done answering certain questions set out by Toni.

A very worthwhile & beneficial course to attend, to learn about the Kipper system & improve one’s skills as a Kipper reader. Thanks so much Toni Puhle!

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About the Author:

Lynn Boyle Lenormand, Oracle and Kipper Decks creator. I live in Sydney Australia, am lynn-boyle.jpgtrained as a Registered Nurse, I’m a Reiki II channel (healer), do Numerology & dispense Australian Bush Flower Remedies, I also read cards professionally in a shop & for Psychic Parties, I teach Tarot, Gypsy & Lenormand fortune telling in Groups & one-on-one. I design Gypsy & Lenormand card decks & sell them all over the world through online stores & through my facebook group (Prophecy Corner Lenormand Tarot & Gypsy Group). See Lynn’s Decks Here Lynn’s Facebook Page: Lenormand & Oracle Cards Lynn’s Prophecy Corner Page: Prophecy Corner

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