Carrie Paris – Exclusive Interview

If you are a member of our Facebook group (WLA Facebook Gp) it will not have escaped your notice that a new Lenormand deck is being born, a deck which will be a wonderful addition to any collection and to boot a great deck for the beginner too – what is the motivation behind the Siren’s Song Lenormand and what makes Carrie Paris tick?.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Deck Creator and WLA Lifetime Member Carrie Paris:

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IMG_8325Name:           Carrie Paris

Deck:             The Siren’s Song Lenormand

Publisher     Self

Artwork        Carrie Paris

Release Date: June/July

What differentiates the Deck from others? 

For me, and I hope for others, the difference will be in the readability of Siren’s Song Lenormand. I was a diviner before adding deck creator to my resume so I feel this deck has two advantages in that it was created by an artist who understands what diviners want in a deck—engaging cards that are easy to identify in small to large spreads. I also took into consideration the idea of patterns as portals. You will see a mandala-like pattern migrating throughout the deck. According to Marie Louise Von Franz, Carl Jung, and many others, certain patterns, especially mandalas, enhance receptive states of consciousness. The circular backdrop in each card is there to stimulate this theory without overwhelming the eye. In the foreground are clear Lenromand symbols that are tied together by an underwater theme that I hope will trigger deep insight.

Why this theme?

This may sound like a strange answer, but you would have to ask the deck’s muse, the octopi, that makes an appearance from card to card. It was her idea so I’m glad she chose me for the task. I’ve loved every step of the way.

SSL 22 Crossroads

Where did the inspiration come from?

It came from the work of HP Lovecraft, Jules Vern and Ernst Heackel and their artistic exploration of the deep, dark sea. Their view of ocean life was rooted in the imagination with just enough fact to anchor their findings. So the deck mirrors this concept. In it you will find the human psyche being triggered by the imaginal.


Is there a Unique Selling Point to the deck? 

Oh yes. When I make a deck I like to create something that hasn’t been done before so with the Siren’s Song I wanted to give diviners a few surprises—something beyond the expected 36-card Lenormand. But I can’t really tell you what those surprises are just yet. I want people to discover them on their own.

How would you describe it?

You will find the traditional cards; Rider, Clover, Ship, etc., and also be treated to a number of extra cards and other goodies. For example there are extra cards for same gender options as well as two Child cards which represent a very young child and adolescence. In addition there are a number of other cards that I’m afraid I can’t describe here. These are  surprise cards that I want to save for those who order the deck!

SSL 13 Child

Size of cards / Box 

The cards are Bridge size and rather than a cardboard tuck box, they will be nested in a tin box.

Deck Creator

What do you personally love about Lenormand? Carrie Paris.pngBesides its uncanny accuracy I love and appreciate how it frames the sitter’s situation and tells the story from different points of view. I also appreciate how it came into my life some 30 years ago and has returned through my work. I was relocating from the States to Japan and just before getting on my flight a friend handed me what she thought was a tarot deck. The deck travelled with me to Asia and many places in between. I recall having no idea how to use it, as it didn’t come in a box nor with instructions and so through trial and error I taught myself how to read Lenormand. And what I find interesting is that without having access to a book or instructions, the meanings I applied to the cards are the meanings you find in most books. To me Lenormand symbols are pretty cut and dry and I appreciate their order and simplicity.

What are your pet peeves? (e.g. are there any spreads you don’t like or any particular mistakes you see in the Lenormand online community)?

I don’t engage very much with online communities (present company excluded of course!). Mistakes are just clarity waiting to happen so what I can tell you is that I appreciate it when a seasoned reader shares their experience while leaving their dogma or strong attachment to a certain way of divining at the door. The only spread I don’t use is a 3 card spread and that’s only because I tend to get more from a five-card.

If you could add anything to our WLA Community what would it be?

Inspiration. The WLA inspires community and learning and I hope my art can offer the same in return.

When you were learning Lenormand what was your favourite technique? 

I think my situation was unique in that I was self-taught. In the beginning (the period of time I didn’t have access to Lenormand instruction) you would often find me mixing Lenormand with my Thoth deck (I can hear the gasps fromhere. Don’t judge!). I recall overlaying my tarot cards with Lenormand in a Celtic Cross spread and still do this on occasion. I also love the simplicity of a five-card spread and ending it with card counting. At the beginning of each month or new moon I like to throw a GT, then take a snapshot of it so I can return to it and check on its timing. And finally, I do love any spread where I can lay down my cards and then sprinkle them with the Magpie Oracle. In this case the cards serve as houses.

What advice would you give readers wanting to learn Lenormand?

To trust yourself and have fun. Avoid comparing your work with other readers. This will destroy your intuition. Try your hand at divining without instructions. This will give you a rare opportunity to establish a symbolic language with your deck. Incorporating a journal to record your findings can also be of great help. I would then purchase a solid book on Lenormand or take a class from the WLA, or hook up with a mentor. There are so many options!

Any final notes?

Thank you for this opportunity to share, Toni! I love what you’re doing with the WLA and am thrilled to be part of this growing group.


Carrie Paris Bio PhotoCarrie Paris was in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK and describes her education as Hogwarts for adults. She enjoys keeping an eye on futuristic trends and in doing so has co-created with Gabe Marihugh of where diviners can gain access to the numerological tendencies of their clientele. Carrie also created the Magpie Oracle and Tarot Talisman casting kits, the Relative Tarot, Siren’s Song Lenormand, Legendary Lenormand and co-created the award winning Lenormand Revolution with Roz Foster. Look for the Dark Salon Lenormand and a new casting kit to make their appearance in Autumn 2016. Carrie considers herself a global citizen and spends much of her time presenting her work around the world. Find her at,

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