My Lenormand Journey and Lenormand 101

Helen Fahey, WLA Member, Endorsed Reader and Lenormand Convert discusses her Lenormand Journey and Lenormand 101.

My Lenormand Journey and Lenormand 101

12 months ago, I heard the word Lenormand for the first time. I was given a 3 card reading by a good friend out of the blue. I am not good to read for in general as my mind is open and all over the place and I can usually find a few things it can relate to, and then I have to wait for whichever one of the possibilities to materialise. I was interested and I asked a few questions about the cards and then I went back to what I was working on with my Runes. I do adore divination.

Lenormand stuck with me though and so a few days later I bought a kit online consisting of cards and a smallish book. They arrived, I was giddy and then disappointed. The cards didn’t appeal to me at all and the book really didn’t make much sense. I started to do a bit of online research and saw different cards, more appealing cards and thought I would try again. I bought another deck and a different book. The deck was better still not great but the book was an improvement. In truth though, my Lenormand world was very narrow and I was struggling.

During a Tarot convention I attended a few months later, there was a Lenormand workshop. Wow! A real life person talking about Lenormand made a huge difference. I bought that book and finally became interested in Lenormand rather than merely being curious. I bought another deck, obviously, and I know there isn’t a card reader reading this that isn’t nodding their head, and it spoke to me. Finally a deck that was actually being helpful. I started to find more bits and pieces were sticking but I was essentially a lone student and it is hard to maintain enthusiasm and commitment on your own.

I came across an online workshop and I signed up. I am a believer in serendipity, and, as the time constraints and internet availability were basically non-existent, I understood from this, that this wasn’t the time. I continued to watch the rest of the Lenormand world from a distance, sometimes trying to see what others were seeing but mainly admiring the decks. I carried on with my beloved Tarot and Runes, I understood this world.

Earlier this year I came across The World Lenormand Association and there was a course starting in a couple of weeks, Lenormand 101. So I joined the WLA and signed up for the course and bought myself a new deck.

World Lenormand Association Presents Lenormand 101

Lenormand 101 took place in a private virtual classroom. There were 7 or 8 of us from around the world beginning. Myself and a few others were complete “noobs” but others had been reading for a while. Of those reading for a while, some were self-taught and therefore wanted some form of structure, some answers to aspects they didn’t understand and also to learn some variety. It was a really interesting melting pot.

Day 1 was a brief overview of the course and what we would be achieving; a very brief introduction to the origins of the Lenormand cards and Marie Anne Lenormand. Also, for those who hadn’t a Lenormand deck, how to make your own and various resources for downloading and printing cards. All very helpful. It then moved on to the most important basic of card reading, the question and how to formulate one. We also had a list of keywords for each card and examples of how a basic reading can look. There was an awful lot of information made available ready for us to begin.

Reading began on Day 2. Really, it was that direct. We started with 2 card combinations and as the days progressed we moved to 3 cards, 5 cards, 7 and 9 and using various spreads and exercises to really look at the cards and understand them. After week 1, I was so smitten with the whole system, I bought another deck to celebrate. We were not always just reading the cards though, we were using them for descriptions of people and places and also to locate objects and people. All fun exercises to help you see so much more in the cards.

Lenormand 9s

We very quickly covered Houses, it was only brief as Houses would be covered in-depth in Lenormand 201, which I am also recommending. For 2 weeks we covered cards and their meanings and a large selection of spreads depending on the question and also how much information we required.

After these 2 weeks, I knew more about Lenormand and could actually perform readings than I had understood in the previous 12 months. Also, the classroom gave ample scope for discussions. Questions were encouraged and we could all chip in with our understanding. It was a very lively and friendly place and a wonderful learning experience.

At the end of the 2 weeks, we are set some tasks to complete, a sort of exam if you will. There were 2 readings, one on a specific question using a specific spread and one using a question of your choice but again using a specific spread and finally, to write a deck review. Seriously, to pick just one deck and write a critique! That was the hardest part, it’s like picking your favourite mug. Of course, having spent 2 weeks looking at others cards and then reading the review of one I had been eyeing up… well you can guess what happened.

After completing Lenormand 101, we are let loose with the Endorsed Readers and we are able to work towards accreditation as Readers within the WLA If we wish. This is a fabulous learning arena, reading, with supervision, for genuine real people who give feedback, which is most helpful.

Hand on my heart and swearing on all the decks, seriously, take this course.

I am now a Lenormand convert and mildly evangelical in its applications. Lenormand 201 is pretty cool too.

Author Bio:

Helen is an enthusiastic amateur with 30+ years’ experience of dabbling in the esoteric. She bought her first tarot deck when she was 13 and she still has her beloved Mythic Tarot. Helen was introduced to Lenormand around 12 months ago and initially found it a bit alien as she was used to the imagery of tarot. Not anymore. Helen is a total convert to Lenormand and believes this is the tool that will tip her over the amateur edge and into the realm of proficient and quite possibly, eventually professional.

Helen occasionally shares her musings over at

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