Lifetime Member – Hugh Irving

The WLA is supported by a core group of Lifetime Members who have been nominated for their service to the Lenormand Community or to the WLA in particular. We treasure our WLA Lifetimers and are proud to have them as part of the association.

Today the focus is on Hugh Irving of Spellbound of Nyack, we asked Hugh a few Lenormand questions:

Spellbound of Nyack

Q What is your favourite:

Lenormand Spread     Square of Nine/Portrait Spread

Deck                                 The Daveluy Lenormand

Lenormand Book       Lenormand Thirty Six Cards, Fortune Telling with the Petit Lenormand 

Leno 36 cards

Q Tell us a little about yourself

Starting in the mid 1970’s I started reading Tarot, adding in the 1980’s Runes and then 2013 began my love affair with Lenormand. I was born and bred in the suburbs of New York City and my blunt and to the point style is mirrored by Lenormand, with which he I am a Gold Endorsed Reader. I am also an Interfaith Minister, Reiki and Karuna Ki Master, 3rd Wiccan High Priest and owner of Spellbound of Nyack, a metaphysical shoppe where I read the Cards. I reside with my husband Dan, and cats Endora and Barnabas in the village of Nyack, NY.

Q How did you come to Lenormand?

I knew of Lenormand quite a while back but never had a chance to work with it. When looking for a new venue or vehicle to work with in the divination world a customer walked in off the street and started asking me questions about Lenormand, then Rana George’s book ends up as a gift in my lap the next day – Fate brought me to Lenormand I think you could say.

Q What do you love about Lenormand?

As you can tell from above, I love its blunt, to the point, no frills ways of getting to the bottom of things. The idea that you can’t “massage” the reading to be what you want it to be and have it make sense is what I also truly enjoy.

Q What other systems do you read?

Tarot for almost 4 decades now and the Runes for around 3 decades. I am waiting to start my adventure on the Kipper Cards but have found that difficult with a lack of any books in English on the subject.

Kipper Cards

Q What differentiates Lenormand from the other systems in your eyes?

The image system being so very much relatable to real life and being clear and concise. You don’t have to go search the cards for clues and on aging eyes that’s a BIG blessing!

Q What advice would you give to somebody wishing to learn Lenormand?

Like it or not, start a Lenormand Journal of every and I mean every reading. Mark down all pertinent information and then remember to review it in a months time. The cards are your best teacher, your journal highlights that.


Q What are your pet peeves?

Oh you had to go there now didn’t you? My biggest pet peeve is when people go off topic and out of context. They ask a finance question, throw down #24 The Heart and all of a sudden they are talking about their boyfriend. Really? Stick to the subject!!!!!

Q If you could add anything to our WLA Community what would it be?

I think part of the process for obtaining the Endorsement status of Gold should be that a person needs to mentor a new reader to Lenormand. The amount one learns from a student is astounding as well as often thought provoking. I know this might be a large commitment but isn’t a Gold Endorsement the height of our training in the WLA and should part of our training be in training others? Pass down what you learn or sadly we could see it pass on!

Q When you were learning Lenormand what was your favourite technique?

When I was learning they ALL were. I quickly found out that having too many favourite techniques and using them all, all of the time was making my readings a hot mess.

Maybe Lenormand GT
Maybe Lenormand by Ryan Edward

Q How did you come to the WLA?

I can honestly say I think Fate brought me here. I remember seeing it somewhere and just on a whim one day, in my copious spare time (hahaha) typing it in my search engine and voila here I am.

Q What do you like about the WLA?

I enjoy the companionship of others who have similar training and mind-sets. Even when we disagree on something I end up learning from a person. The fact we are from all around the globe gives me a larger perspective on how Lenormand can change the world – I like that!

Q What makes a good reader?

Patience, lots of practice, compassion and did I say lots of patience? Many times the person you are reading for has no idea what they really need to know. It is our job as good readers to help them formulate proper and appropriate questions so that they may get the best insights possible to assist them.

Q What makes a good deck?

Clarity of image – I hate looking at a deck and trying to figure out “Is that the Dog or the Fox” and then finding out there is no number or card inset to refer to. Tiny little pictures or ones with too much going on make reading a GT almost impossible. Keep it Simple Card Creators!

Q Who do you look up to in the Cartomancy Community?

Oh that’s another hard question. In no particular order there is Bjorn Meuris, Andy Boroveshengra and Rana George to start with and those are just authored types. Donnaleigh and Carrie Paris are way up there on my list as well. All of these people share something in common and that I strive to be – they work from a place that is ego free – that impresses me!!!!

Thank you Hugh for your honest answers!

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