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Rae 1We will be focusing on an Endorsed Reader in every Lenormand World Edition – Today we have our Lenormand Spotlight on Rae Douglass:

To Lenormand or not to Lenormand by Rae Douglass

My favourite quote on the difference between Tarot and Lenormand is: “The Tarot will tell you that he has projected his anxiety about his mother onto you and that is why he has walked off; the Lenormand will tell you that he is down at the bar with his beer buddies, and it’s your money he’s spending” – Stella Waldvogel

I would love to say that I was drawn mystically and spiritually to the cards, however, no, I wasn’t gifted my first set by a long line of Tarot readers…It actually was more likely to involve a glass of wine and ebay many years ago.

My first Tarot deck was Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Tarot and these cards really sung to me and touched something in me that created a thirst for more. I wanted to know everything about these cards…and that was the start. From here I trawled the World Wide Web for any information or lessons, courses, paid or free and became a member of a couple of reputable Tarot Associations around the world receiving training and tutoring. I started my own email card reading business called “Faeree’s House of Cards” 2 or 3 years ago, which is one of my lovely guilty little hobbies. My other guilty hobby is buying cards…ssshhhhh (these old cards? Had them for ages honey 😉 )

My first introduction to Lenormand happened by accident, a couple of years ago. Once again I would love to say I was magically drawn to them, but it was my ignorance this time. I was actually looking for Oracle cards when I bought Ciro Marchetti’s (there is that name again) Gilded Reverie…now he has done it again. When I received them I had never heard of Lenormand, so once again looked to the internet for information and training.

Rae 3

I was hooked immediately by the simplicity and beauty of these cards and this form of reading. I was pleasantly surprised by the generosity and knowledge of so many intrepid groundbreakers who have gone before paving the way for those of us to follow…many of which are now life time members of the WLA, and to whom I owe my gratitude and respect.

Being affiliated with Tarot readers and their forums and associations, I didn’t have much of an outlet to practice my new found love for Lenormand cards. So I took courses, and practiced by adding Lenormand cards to my Tarot readings. Receiving feedback was one thing, but it was never clear which cards they were providing the feedback on. I love being a member of multiple Lenormand Facebook pages that offer the opportunity for practicing with like minded people.

Then recently I came across the World Lenormand Association website. They were offering Certificates in Lenormand reading. Now…I know a lot of people differ with their ideas on being “Certified” as a reader, but to me it is about personal accomplishment.

The fact I have something tangible for the hours, days, years I have put into developing my skill base I personally find satisfying. Already being a Certified Tarot reader, I saw this opportunity to add to my credentials and immediately joined the WLA in order to become an Endorsed Reader and recognised and accepted by those in this field as well as Tarot.

Once accepted into the Endorsed Readers group, I found it a bit disconcerting to meet the requirements of 15 supervised readings, as I was not used to having my readings critiqued as such. This was a total misconception on my part as this is not how it works. In reality, I found it a very supportive and friendly place to swap readings with others who were of a similar level of experience, and those who are more advanced who are happy to mentor and give advice if asked for. I found this a great safe non-judgemental environment for trying new ideas, I even learnt a new spread! Which was totally unexpected.

WLA Endorsed Reader - Bronze

In the short amount of time I have been a member of the WLA Endorsed Readers group, I have achieved Bronze Endorsement level and am currently working towards Silver Endorsement. I also enjoy helping others in their quest to achieve Endorsement, and have made several friends in this group. My confidence has grown exponentially, to the point where I am considering specialising more in Lenormand going forward, as it is not a well known method with Readers who read professionally in my area. I now offer both Tarot and Lenormand readings on Faeree’s House of Cards and do so with confidence.

In the future I may turn my hand to teaching card reading to others as I love sharing my knowledge. I love watching new readers achieve that first aahhhaa! Moment as it all starts to make sense. In the meantime, I will continue to seek and share knowledge in areas I am currently practicing which also include Charm Casting, Tea Leaf Reading, Tea Leaf Card reading and Numerology to name a few.

Rae 2

Rae Douglass – Lives in Perth WA. 5 Children. Full time work for Health Department (IT Specialist). Biddy Tarot Certified Reader, Tarot Association (Tarosophy) member, World Lenormand Association member. Owner of Faeree’s House of Cards

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